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Why Is “Daylighting” So Important?

Underneath every community is an extensive network of cables and pipes that carry communication utilities, electrical utilities, water, gas, and more. Each year, this infrastructure increases in size and intricacy. One disturbance in these lines can disrupt the services of households and businesses – resulting in dangerous situations that cost a significant amount of money and time.

Locating Utility Lines

When new cables or lines need to be added, moved, or upgraded, one of the first steps many customers will make is calling their local utility company. However, utility company records are not always accurate. When manual tools are used to locate the buried cables or lines, the lines and cables can be easily damaged – this will slow down work and may require costly future repairs. Also, accidentally hitting a gas line or electrical line can have a fatal impact.

MJ Minor’s hydro excavation services help customers minimize utility service interruption. If a job requires excavation, it can be completed successfully with daylighting. Contact us today for more information on daylighting excavation services.

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