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16 Hydro Excavation Services That We Provide For Our Customers

MJ Minor Utility Contractor has been proudly serving a diverse customer base in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota since 2003. We are passionate about what we do and have earned a reputation that goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers.

We serve a broad range of industries and our services solve complex problems where non-destructive methods are needed. Here are 16 Hydro Excavation services that we provide for our customers.

1. Cable Fault Repair Pits

2. Curb Stop Repairs

3. Potholing

4. Drilling Mud

5. Ground Thawing Capabilities

6. Directional Drilling Test Holes

7. Disposal

8. Gas Service Installation

9. Line Location

10. Pipeline Crossing

11. Pole/Pile Holes

12. Remote Areas

13. Service Pits

14. Shoring Installation

15. Slot Trenching

16. Water Main Breaks

Your business can avoid unnecessary risks, hazards, damages, and unanticipated financial costs by choosing an experienced Hydro Excavation company. If you are in need of Hydro Excavation services, don’t hesitate to contact MJ Minor Utility Contractor today.

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