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Siouxland Utility’s 5 Keys To Customer Service

These days, the art of customer service is more important than ever. If there’s one company that’s known for doing customer service right, it’s Siouxland Utility Contractor.

Siouxland Utility’s customer service is based on our values of commitment, communication, and respect. When you’re dealing with Siouxland Utility, you can be sure that we will go above and beyond to help you with your issues.

Here are Siouxland Utility’s 5 Keys to Customer Service:

Key #1 – Be Prompt & Timely

Key #2 – Be Attentive & Responsive

Key #3 – Be Courteous & Professional

Key #4 – Be Proactive

Key #5 – Build Relationships

These 5 Keys are customer service principles that everyone in the company must learn, learn, and learn again. They are the foundation of our training and are designed to guarantee customer satisfaction at all times. Not only that, they have come to define our company’s culture and drive decision making at every level.

Contact Info

Siouxland Utility Contractor Matt Bunce, General Manager 3730 N. Highway 105 McCook Lake, SD 57049 P: 605-242-5085 F: 605-242-5086

    At MJ Minor Utility Contractor, safety is our number one priority.

    We are focused on providing a safe environment for our team members in every aspect of the workplace. We believe many accidents can be prevented and safety is an integral part of everyone’s job. Our management, field employees, and associates are responsible for demonstrating safety leadership, providing a safe work environment, and promoting safety as a core value.

    Providing a safe working environment is accomplished through continued education from a senior leadership level as well as applying knowledge gained through field experiences. Upon hire, all employees go through extensive classroom and hands-on field training before acquiring certification to work on field service teams. This training includes information specific to EPA, OSHA and MSHA standards and regulations.

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