What Is “Slot Trenching?”

What Is “Slot Trenching?”

Slot Trenching is an updated method of digging narrow trenches and installing equipment in a much safer and more accurate method.

The purpose of “slot trenching” is to dig narrow trenches. This is commonly needed for installing pipes, cables, signs, posts, and other utilities underground. Because only narrow trenches are needed, Hydro Excavation provides a better option because of its accuracy and precision. Traditional slot trenching methods can be dangerous and time-consuming. These methods are also not able to dig a narrow enough trench. Backfilling is then needed, which increases the costs of labor and material.

Hydro Excavation offers a way to get the job done without these issues. For slot trenching, Hydro Excavation is able to dig very thin and accurate trenches that need a minimum amount of backfilling. This allows the job to be completed faster and more accurately.

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