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What Is “Daylighting”?

What Is “Daylighting”?

Daylighting is an important aspect of detection and diagnostics. Daylighting is also known as Potholing.

“Daylighting” (also known as “Potholing”) is the process of digging a test hole to expose underground facilities and check for cracks, leaks, or any other damage. Industrial, commercial and residential sites all need to periodically “daylight” their facilities to properly maintain underground pipes, sewers, and other infrastructure.

Traditionally, daylighting was done by in one of two ways – either using a backhoe or hand digging. A backhoe is a heavy piece of equipment that has a digging bucket mounted on a tractor. Since the digging bucket is large, it poses a risk of damaging the underground utilities and removes more dirt than is necessary. Heavy machinery also brings safety risks to the operators.

Hand digging is a very intensive job and takes a great deal of time to complete. Also, it is not accurate enough to remove only the necessary amount of soil. This means that backfilling would be needed after the excavation – meaning more time and money for the customer.

However, with Hydro Excavation, you can eliminate the downsides of these traditional daylighting methods while providing a safe and accurate project.

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