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When Should You Use Hydro Jetting?

A plunger is usually the first thing you reach for when you have a clogged drain. If that doesn’t work, give snaking a try. If that doesn’t work, call MJ Minor and have us come out, perform an inspection, and then hydro jet the line. Hydro jetting works very well on stubborn blockages that don’t respond to other methods.

However, you might want to consider…

Hydro jetting your pipes and lines on a regular basis

Some businesses and property owners hydro jet their lines as part of a scheduled maintenance program. This is because while some old pipes may have never been jetted and are still functioning, others might need it yearly or every other year.

Here’s why…

It all comes down to the amount of buildup, fats, oils, grease, tree roots, cracks, etc.

Kitchen lines and drains from restaurants typically need the most maintenance. If you use a garbage disposal or rinse out a lot of very greasy pans in your sink you might need to hydro jet your line one or more times per year.

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