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Cold Weather Digging and Benefits

Cold Weather Digging and Benefits

As winter approaches, we often get asked the question of whether we can work in cold weather.  The answer is – ABSOLUTELY!

In fact, Hydro Excavation is the safest method and best practice for cold weather digging. Injecting pressurized, water into the surface of the frozen soil immediately thaws the frost to create a slurry that can be quickly removed through an industrial vacuum. Water then circulates through the system while the Hydro Vac is on standby to prevent freeze-ups. This method allows for a safe and efficient digging and excavation process.

Cold weather digging using Hydro Excavation is beneficial for many reasons. The most important benefit is that Hydro Excavation can cut through frozen ground. Equipped with high power coil heaters, our trucks allow for smooth excavation in harsh winter conditions. It’s also common for some construction sites to become less accessible during the cold weather. Our Vac Trucks can reach hundreds of feet from the main site, creating ease of accessibility. Finally, using Hydro Excavation is essential for cold weather digging when working with buried underground facilities. This is especially helpful when dealing with unknown underground lines that only a Hydro Excavation team can work around.

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