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2 Reasons Why Hydro Excavation Is The Future

2 Reasons Why Hydro Excavation Is The Future

There are a number of reasons why Hydro Excavation is the future. Below, we describe two of these reasons.

Reason #1 – More Precise

Hydro excavation accurately moves the soil. MJ Minor uses intelligent technology to identify what needs to be dug meticulously. Underground pipes and utilities are then circumvented and won’t be damaged.

Reason #2 – Efficient and Faster

The hydrovac equipment is instinctively designed to break up the soil and vacuum all debris simultaneously. Since the process is efficient, it avoids repairs to pipes or other underground utilities. For companies, local government, or pipelines interested in locating underground utilities, hydro digging minimizes added costs for labor or restoration jobs. Typically, this method is an innovative modern option that replaces traditional and ineffective manual digging, explosives, and machinery.

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